Thursday, August 16, 2018

Back From Hiatus...

Hey-- it's a new post! Yeah, it's been awhile. A few months, in fact. Let's just say that it's been pretty crazy for me. To wit:

-- The last few weeks of the 2017-18 school year were CRAZY, and then I've been teaching over the summer.
-- I finally finished my writing contributions for an upcoming book of SNES game reviews. I wrote 85 reviews myself, and it took about a year to complete.
-- I've been working hard on my YouTube channel, uploading new episodes of Unsealed and more.
-- I've been volunteering my time as a Social Media Manager for an upcoming local video game convention.

Needless to say, balancing all of this made it tough to consistently update things here-- but with the book done (minus a few edits, which I'll be working on this weekend) and with more time coming after the convention wraps up in early September, that will free up some time to dedicate here. 

While the website has been quiet since May, the YouTube channel has not been. There's been a ton of new stuff added there since the last update, and I invite you to check it out. I'll be getting back to updating here when new videos go live, including extra written notes and commentary from me. 

Here's the most recent video I posted:

I picked up some new games (and a few doubles/replacements) from Gadget Depot in Holyoke, MA-- which used to be Game Depot, but is now being run by a different manager. My cousin and friend Sam met me there, and he recommended a few games to me. He also hooked me up with some cool games, which I cover in the video. I don't usually do much game hunting in the summertime, so this was a nice change of pace.

On the Unsealed side, I just began a three-part miniseries covering the final three years of the Madden vs. NFL 2K battle.

I'll have much more to say about this heated rivalry once I wrap this miniseries up. I will say at this point that I never really leaned toward one side or the other; I bought both Madden and NFL 2K every year, as I found both to have significant strengths. The next episode will be coming this weekend.

That's it from here, for now. It's good to be back! 

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