Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Unsealed: The Z-Axis Pinnacle

There's a new episode of Unsealed up now on YouTube, which you can check out here:

If you can't see what it is from the thumbnail, it's Aggressive Inline for the PlayStation 2. Released in May of 2002, this game essentially rivaled Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 that year. Both games were more open world experiences, with missions found by moving through each level. It's not the more linear "list of objectives to complete before time runs out", but it works well here in that "time" can be regenerated by pulling off tricks to keep the player's "Juice" meter at least somewhat full. The trick linking system, which seems to have been built off of the system that development team Z-Axis developed for its Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX series, is easy to learn and can be chained to rack up some huge scores.

I'm happy to finally own a complete copy of this game, and will definitely be spending some time with it over the summer-- once my other writing responsibilities are completed.

I hope you check out the video!

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